About Me

Hello and welcome,

If we haven’t met already, my name is Alex Hernandez and I am the founder of a number of internationally recognized websites including: SVEntrepreneurAcademy.com, SuperstarUniversity.com, SuperstarHealth.com, TheGoldenPathToSuccess.com and WeightLossSecretsofSuperstars.com.

Just about everyone has thought about having a full or part time business at some point in time. They see the prosperity and success it creates. The time freedom they would be able to enjoy with family and friends. And the security it could provide for their family’s financial future.

Still, many people avoid getting into a business of their own because they’ve fallen victim to ten common myths:

1) They believe they need a business education or experience.

2) They believe they need a lot of money or capital to get started.

3) They believe they need a “high-tech” product or idea to be successful.

4) They believe they have to be a “businessperson” or a “salesperson”.

5) They believe they need to have a big, complicated corporation to enjoy success.

6) They believe they need to have a staff and manage employees.

7) They believe they need to have an office or a facility to operate.

8) They believe they need to have a comprehensive business plan.

9) They believe that “Nice people” do not succeed in business.

10) They believe they need to start a business at the “right time”.

After more than a decade of consulting with over 487 business owners and Entrepreneurs in 9 [other] English speaking countries, I can tell you that there is some truth to these myths when a business is set up wrong or the owner doesn’t know what they’re doing.

The truth is that “doing business” has been around since the beginning of humankind. In the caveman days, I would have traded my shiny rocks for your furs. Now that we’re in a “high-tech” society, however, we’ve all been led to believe that it is nearly impossible when it actually is not.

What most people don’t realize is that their business can be whatever they want it to be. It can be simple and provide enough financially to enjoy a specific lifestyle. Or, it can be structured so that it can grow, thrive and be passed on to family members for decades.

My philosophy on business, sales and marketing is one that favors a balance of working smart, testing new approaches conservatively and remembering that running our business should be enjoyable.

I know a lot of extremist who insist on working their fingers to the bone and risking everything, but I don’t suggest anyone do that. After all, what good is money and a successful business if you’re not enjoying life?

Life is meant to be a fun and exciting journey—NOT simply one to be endured!

I’m definitely an optimist and I like to believe that everything in the world is good. At the same time, as an entrepreneur and investor with my own money and resources on the line, I must also be a realist.

As such, I’ll tell you right now that being in business isn’t always easy. As a matter of fact, it can sometimes be a grueling 10 round fight.

One of the greatest characteristics of a small business owner or professional is resilience… the ability to take a hit and keep moving forward.

When you’re winning the game and the money is pouring in, being in business is easy. When the market turns, the economy slows down or things aren’t going according to plan, it can make us question our skills, our confidence and our self-certainty.

Every entrepreneur and professional goes through this, even if they don’t talk about it. I know I did, especially in my early days.

Back then I wasn’t a “hi-tech” guy. But I profited handsomely from the dot.com boom because my trucking company was transporting thousands of servers for some of the biggest players in the Silicon Valley.

As tough as being an entrepreneur can be at times, I will say that it is 1000x’s better than being trapped in a dead end job.

Not simply because you sign your own checks and make your own hours (to some degree anyways), but because your chances of attaining financial freedom and success are greatly increased.

Would you rather die after suffering through a life of mediocrity, or leave this earth after a thrilling ride?

Personally, I’d rather leave knowing that I gave it everything I had than to realize that I could have, should have and would have been successful… but wasn’t because I was too afraid of losing!

But that’s a choice you’ll have to make for yourself.

I could go on and on because I love writing to you, but you’ll get to know me better as you read through my site.

All the best,

Alex Hernandez

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