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One of the most nerve-racking subjects on planet Earth is money and personal finance. Astonishingly, most of us DO NOT struggle to make ends meet or get to the NEXT level for the reasons we have been led to believe.

The Golden Path Financial Breakthrough online toolkit lays the foundation for maximizing your financial success by:

1) Eliminating any mental or emotional blockages related to your financial success or money.

Many people struggle to earn more money or get to the next level for ONE little-known reason: They have unconscious beliefs or submerged emotions that BLOCK their financial success.

Basically, these are beliefs and emotions they are NOT aware of. Oftentimes, these blockages are created or acquired during our early childhood years. (Which is why we are not aware of them.)

To get you on track to earning more money as quickly as possible, one of the most important steps in The Golden Path Financial Breakthrough online toolkit is to PERMANENTLY eliminate these blockages.

Attempting to earn more money without removing these blockages FIRST is like driving your car with the emergency brake on.

It can be done. But it creates grinding resistance that causes the motor to stress, strain and burn out prematurely.

Likewise, non-supportive beliefs or emotions cause us to struggle, end up frustrated and to ultimately suffer in mediocrity… even if we have the best education, product, service, idea, business or investments.

If you’ve ever attempted to make more money but fell short no matter what you tried, chances are good you have blockages limiting your success.

The Golden Path Financial Breakthrough online toolkit was specifically designed to eliminate all of your blockages so you can prosper and thrive.

2) Priming your mindset for financial freedom and financial success.

Once the blockages have been identified and eliminated, the next step is to prime your “financial success mindset”.

People who are financially successful at very high levels have a common mindset and common beliefs.

The Golden Path Financial Breakthrough online toolkit helps you to “download and install” these beliefs so you can UNLIMIT your earning potential and fast track your financial success.

3) Providing you with simple strategies to reduce and eliminate debts.

American’s are buried under more debt now than at any time in history. People go into debt for many reasons. But one of the primary reasons is because we were NOT taught the basics of personal finance in school.

The Golden Path Financial Breakthrough online toolkit provides you with simple steps to start reducing and eliminating debts immediately so you can begin saving, investing and creating a new “stream” of income.

4) Introducing you to REAL world methods and ideas that will provide you with streams income by:

  1. Starting a full or part time business with little or no money
  2. Starting a full or part time business WITHIN an existing business
  3. Leveraging other people’s time, talents, efforts and assets

Everyone has the dream of owning their own business, being self employed, or making enough money so they can do what they want with their time… without the hassle or stress of worrying about bills or money.

The trouble most of us have is that we don’t know how to cross the bridge to get from where we are presently to where we want to be… which is enjoying that freedom.

To make matters even more difficult, many of us fall victim to one of the following eight myths that prevent the majority from even trying.

  1. We need to have a lot of money to get started
  2. We need special education or a college degree
  3. We need a “new idea” to be successful
  4. We need to have a “hi tech” product to be successful
  5. We don’t have what it takes because we’re not a “business” person
  6. We need to start a big, complicated business to be financially free
  7. We need to manage people and have a lot of employees
  8. If you’re not earning a lot of money now, it’s difficult to make more

The Golden Path Financial Breakthrough online toolkit not only shatters these myths with concrete facts and examples, but it also instructs you, step-by-step, on how to begin moving towards financial freedom and financial success—regardless of your present line of work or income.

One of the most important things I discovered was why I always felt like I was holding back. All of my life, there were things I wanted to do, but for some reason I just couldn’t. That limitation is gone now. I’m finally free!

Shannon O’Leary

I’ve never felt this confident before! It’s like I replaced a part of myself that was limiting me with one that is motivating me and driving me forward! For the first time in my life, I’ve never been more excited about living! I’m having fun, I’m enjoying myself, and for once I feel like I’m in control of my life!

Robert Johansen


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