The Golden Path 7 Steps to Success

The story I’m about to share with you is something most people could NEVER possibly expect. But, I absolutely MUST tell it because it is the only way for me to explain the strange secret I stumbled upon many years ago.

This discovery has not only radically transformed my financial success, confidence, health and enjoyment in life, but it has also created happiness, financial prosperity and success for thousands of men and women around the world. (As you read through this page carefully, you’ll understand exactly HOW and WHY it works so well!)

As extraordinary as it is, I feel I should warn you that what I’m about to reveal is somewhat unusual, and, for the most part, only understood by a privileged few.

Although it is quite bizarre to most people, if you choose to embrace it in your own way, you’ll find it delivers what many would consider impossible and creates what most would call “miracles” in your life.


Let’s do it!

Growing up in a working poor family with 5 children, I definitely know what it feels like to have to “do without”. It isn’t always easy, and you sometimes have to make frustrating sacrifices, but you get used to it and life goes on.

(NOTE: I learned from Andrew Carnegie at an early age that those who are underprivileged or disadvantage often achieve higher levels of success than those who are born into families that are well off. The reason being is that people who are well off are usually comfortable. Comfortable people are not as driven as those who have struggled or had a hard time.)

Although we didn’t have much, I did have dreams, ambition to be successful, and hope… that someday, somehow, my misfortune would change. Driven by a state of lack and limited means, by the time I was 12 years old, I was ready to go to work and enter the rat race.

I started with a paper route to make money because it was my only option at such a young age. As time went on, I worked my way to different jobs until I had the perfect idea for a “business” at the age of 19: installing car stereos.

I couldn’t afford to go to college, but I’d taken automotive and electronics classes while I was in high school. Realizing I had nothing to lose and I might actually make some money in my spare time, I decided I would give it a shot.

To get started, I borrowed my father’s tools and ran down to the local print shop to have 1,000 business cards made for $20.00.

Within two short days, I was fired up and ready to do some business!

I passed out business cards and called everyone I knew. I got a few jobs from those efforts, but things were going slower than I’d hoped… and I was bummed out!

Later that week, I received a CD in the mail from a company called AOL. It was a free 30 day trial of what people were calling “the Internet”.

I’d heard of the Internet, but didn’t really know what it was. I decided to play around with it one night and somehow stumbled upon this thing called “Yahoo Classifieds”. (In the 90’s, Yahoo was very similar to craigslist.)

I didn’t know if it would work. But I though “what the heck?” and placed an ad anyways because it was free.

By the next day, miraculously, the phone that I’d installed in my mother’s garage was ringing!

After a few weeks, I figured out a few additional marketing tactics and had enough customers calling me to quit my mind-numbing, mediocre job.

I’d been working at a warehouse making $10 per hour. And now, I was excited to be breaking free because I was going nowhere fast and felt very unappreciated.

My little “business” wasn’t going to make me rich, of course. But it was my first step into financial freedom… and I was ecstatic.

Within a few months I was tired of installing car stereos and was ready for a new gig. It was a good start, but I knew I wanted more.

The thing I wanted most at that time was a brand new 2000 Chevrolet Corvette convertible. Although it was only 1997, Motor Trend Magazine had placed it on the front cover.

As badly as I wanted it, I knew I wasn’t anywhere close to having the money to buy one. In spite of my grim reality, I allowed myself to daydream about it anyways. (I was actually unemployed when I decided that I would get the car.)

Earlier the next year, a buddy of mine told me about a guy who was looking for partners to help him deliver antique furniture coast-to-coast.

A week later, I was on a plane headed to LaGuardia airport in New York to meet with Gus of Rhino Delivery.

After a single coast-to-coast stint and a trip down south, I knew long distance moving wasn’t for me.

The potential pay was well in excess of $120,000.00 per year which was very enticing. But I would’ve spent too much time away from my infant daughter.

Realizing that trucking was a lucrative business, I began doing local residential moving jobs. I really enjoyed the money, but I knew, realistically, that I didn’t want to do that either.

Soon after, I got a job working for a company called Foresight Electronics in Sunnyvale, CA. It was at this company that I received the idea for my trucking company (Expedite Express) and started my freight business.

Fast forward 4 years…

By the time I was 25, I had enough money to buy a FEW Corvettes, a thriving trucking business and I was a confident entrepreneur.

In just over 5 years, I went from a broke 19 year old kid making $10.00 an hour to earning more every month than I had ever made in an entire year.

How did I transform my life and finances so quickly?

I’d like to say it was because I was a brilliant businessman and I knew exactly what I was doing. But that would be total B.S. since I didn’t go to college and I didn’t have any business experience.

Are you sitting down?

If you’re not, you should because this is going to be one of THE craziest things you’ve EVER heard!

As hard as this may be to believe, I set ambitious goals, and the Universe* guided me on a protected path to achieve them. (*I also use the word GOD, but you can say whatever is comfortable for you.)

It may sound a bit farfetched. But in my experience, the fastest and simplest way to succeed at anything is to “allow” the Universe to guide you (like a GPS) to whatever you want to enjoy.

When you allow the Universe to guide you, you not only take the proper steps at the proper time, but you also move from where you are presently to where you want to be at warp speed… just like I did!

Sound too good to be true?

I can assure you it isn’t!

Many historically successful people such as James Allen, Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Wallace Wattles, Earl Nightingale and W. Clement Stone have (directly or indirectly) written about this very topic for more than 100 years.

Each had principles that worked during their time period and called the process by a different name. But overall, their message was basically the same: generalized and incomplete!

As great and inspiring as many of their books and teachings were, the ONE secret that NO successful person has EVER revealed is HOW to be guided by the Universe to enjoy the financial freedom, time freedom and happiness we want and deserve.

How did I discover this amazing secret?

Here’s the behind the scenes story:

From the time I was a teen, I noticed that funny coincidences would happen and I would somehow end up with the things I wanted.

I didn’t understand what was happening at the time or how I did it. But as the years went on, I began to test my theories to see if I could MAKE things happen.

Once I started to figure out how to make “it” work (whatever “it” was), strange coincidences would happen and the things I wanted would come to me faster.

As I gained more confidence in this ability, I began to wonder if I could bring BIGGER things to me. The first “expensive” thing I attempted to get was a ($50,000.00) 2000 Chevrolet Corvette convertible.

Miraculously, after making this decision, I was guided from business opportunity to business opportunity until I had enough money.

First, I had the idea for my car stereo installation business. Then, a buddy of mine mentioned the long distance moving opportunity—which didn’t work out but led me to try local moving.

I didn’t like local moving, but I discovered that I DID like the money I could make with a truck. Then I got the job at Foresight Electronics where I was HANDED the idea for Expedite Express, my trucking company.

Do you see the pattern here?

Knowing that I didn’t have any special education or hi-tech skills, the Universe guided me to ways of making money that worked and made sense for me!

Once I had the process of “bringing things to me” mastered, it all happened so quickly that it was almost hard to believe.

When I boil it down, all I ever did was three simple things and more business (and success) came to me continuously:

  1. Buy or get access to trucks
  2. Decide how much money I wanted to make
  3. Casually talk to potential customers

As a matter of fact, I had over a million dollars pour in this way in a relatively short period of time. (I’ll share the exciting details shortly.)

Logically, it’s hard to make sense of, I know.

But if you ask me how it all happened so quickly and easily, I would tell you that all of the customers who came to me were provided by the Universe.

Did the opportunities require effort on my part?


As more customers showed up asking me to transport their products, I would buy or get access to more trucks to serve them. As I expanded my fleet, more opportunities (customers) came to me and I made more money.

It’s funny to think that most people who didn’t know me back then thought I was a business genius… I WASN’T!

In reality, all I had to do was have the trucks to provide the services and collect the money because, for the most part, the Universe led me to, or brought me, the necessary business connections.

YES, it was that simple!

As difficult as this may be to believe, any desire we have can be fulfilled in the same way because the Universe ALREADY knows how to guide us (like a GPS) to the people, opportunities and resources we need.

So why do so many people who set great and inspiring goals fail?

Simple: They get frustrated because they don’t know there’s an EASIER way to get what they want and they give up!

In essence, it is our lack of action or quitting that causes failure because guided action (on what I began calling “The Golden Path”) is the bridge that takes us from where we are presently to where we want to be.

Having this profound understanding of The Golden Path has changed my life dramatically.

I used to worry about money. Having a secure retirement. And how I was going to put my daughter through college before understanding how to be guided by the Universe.

But now, the paralyzing fear is gone because I allow the Universe to guide me in everything I do. As a result, I enjoy what most people would call “miracles” on a daily basis.

I think of what I want. I talk to people about it. And because I know HOW to be guided on The Golden Path, I end up in the right place at the right time to act on an opportunity to receive it.

Don’t know how to get what you want?

When I first started out, I sure didn’t. And you don’t have to either as long as you know HOW to be guided by the Universe!

Remember, whatever it is that you want, the Universe ALREADY knows the perfect path for you to take, the perfect people for you to connect with, and HOW to guide you there as quickly as possible—just like a GPS.

When I decided I wanted a 2000 Chevrolet Corvette convertible, I was a kid without a job… and I’d NEVER even thought of owning a business.

But the Universe, knowing EXACTLY what I needed to do, gave me ideas and guided me from one money making opportunity to the next until I was at the one  that was perfect for me (my trucking company).

I didn’t worry about how I’d make the money or try hard.

I didn’t go back to school for a degree.

I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel in some “high-tech” business.

And everything fell perfectly into place.

Just like the Universe planned it!

In other words, you don’t have to know HOW to get to where you want to be. You just need to decide WHAT you want and HOW you want to live, and the Universe will build the bridge that takes you there.

Wondering how guidance from the Universe works?

Here are the two exciting examples I mentioned earlier:

Exciting Example 1: Shortly after I started my trucking company, one of my favorite customers, Eric Chang (who to this day still owns his manufacturing company GEA in Santa Clara, CA) called me one day and said the following:

I have this company calling me and they want me to assemble some servers for them. I’ve never heard of them, but it’s a HUGE contract and I need someone I can trust to transport them for me if I get it, they’re expensive. Are you interested?”

Since I trusted Eric and really enjoyed doing business with him, I said “sure, why not?” Curious because I’d done business with many companies in the Silicon Valley, I followed up with “who is it?

He replied, “Some crazy internet company by the name of GOOGLE. They’re a startup, so I HOPE they can pay me!

We both laughed. But neither one of us knew that the contract would last for years and be worth millions of dollars to both of us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Yes, I realize what I’ve stated in this example is a big, bold claim. But, you can rest assured that it is 100% absolutely true for one reason:

Big companies like GOOGLE are QUICK to sue ANYONE who uses their name to make any kind of misrepresentation.

Every word I’ve stated is 100% verifiable… so that will NEVER happen! That said, I want to be clear and say that Google is NOT endorsing me in any way.

Exciting Example 2: Our partnership with Google ended when they transplanted their server operation to Atlanta. With all of the new customers I’d acquired after that, I’d completely forgotten about them.

One day I got a call from a familiar voice. It was Michael Kim, a hardware tech who had worked for Google. Michael asked how I was doing and said that he’d made a move and was now working for a startup company in Palo Alto, CA.

He told me they were expanding and that he needed some servers moved. I’d gotten to know Michael when he worked at Google so I gladly told him I’d do whatever I could to help out.

(He also told me that the business card I’d given him 5 years prior had somehow ended up in front of him. Accident? No, that was the Universe!)

We arranged to meet at the data center where the servers were (in Santa Clara, CA) so I could quote him a price. As he gave me a tour of the facility, he began to tell me more about the startup company and some of its audacious plans.

He said “FACEBOOK is fairly small now. But with the investors they have, they think they can get 500 million users at some point. If they can do that, they may actually make some money.

Not knowing what would happen over the next few years, we both laughed. To make a long story short, I did the exact same thing as I had done before… it was Google all over again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Yes, I realize what I’ve stated in this example is a big, bold claim. But, you can rest assured that it is 100% absolutely true for one reason:

Big companies like FACEBOOK are QUICK to sue ANYONE who uses their name to make any kind of misrepresentation.  

Every word I’ve stated is 100% verifiable… so that will NEVER happen! That said, I want to be clear and say that Facebook is NOT endorsing me in any way.

I could give a dozen more examples, but I know you get the point: the Universe can and WILL deliver whatever you ask for!

If you’ve struggled in the past—like thousands of others prior to getting on The Golden Path—you’ll be delighted to discover that guidance from the Universe will rapidly accelerate your personal, professional and financial success.

You’ll not only get to where you want to be much easier and faster (because the Universe already knows the perfect path for YOU to take), but you’ll also find greater happiness and more enjoyment in life.

Sound too good to be true?

Consider this: As humans, we’re always concerned about our next move because of the dreadful problems that may be waiting for us around the corner.

On some level—because we don’t want to feel pain or be a failure—it’s natural (and sometimes unavoidable) for us to be fearful or worried when we’re uncertain about our future.

But, when you’re being guided by the Universe—who can see EVERYTHING you cannot—it’s 1,000 times easier to be confident and feel happy because you KNOW you’re being very well taken care of.

“Seek and You Shall Find” is one of the most famous Golden Rules of all time.  What’s most exciting about this rule (thankfully!) is that NOBODY ever said we couldn’t get help!

For the majority, attempting to be successful on their own is like trying NOT to get trapped in a rat maze. They mouse-mazestart at point A and HOPE they make it to point B without losing or falling short.

And because of the frightening uncertainty they fear and worry about, many find it very difficult to enjoy themselves or have fun.

For those of us on The Golden Path, on the other hand, becoming successful is very different. It’s like getting into a Ferrari, setting our GPS, and putting our vehicle on autopilot… and allowing the Universe to GUIDE us to our destination!

In my lifetime, I’ve discovered there’s a hard way, and a smarter, faster and easier way to do everything in life.

I’ve done both.

And I can tell you that rolling the dice and HOPING for the best is the hard way. Allowing the Universe to guide you to what you want to enjoy (like a GPS) is the smarter, faster and easier way.

Given the choice, would you rather “keep your nose to the grindstone” and HOPE to become successful? Or, laugh, have fun and enjoy an exciting journey on The Golden Path to Success?

The answer is obvious.

Now that you’ve begun to see the exciting possibilities for you and your future, I know you can easily imagine what guidance on The Golden Path will do for you.

How much more confident will you be?

How much happier will you feel?

How much more enjoyable will your life be?

How much more certain will you feel about your future?

How much more financial security will you enjoy?

How much more respect will success bring you?

You know as well as I do that these are things that EVERY person wants to enjoy. They are what most would consider “The Good Life”.

Everyone wants The Good Life. Realistically, few have the privilege of living it.

You can enjoy YOUR Good Life—whatever that means for you—on The Golden Path once you set your GPS and allow the Universe to guide you there.

We all have dreams and we all have desires. But oftentimes, the weight of the world crushes down on us and suffocates them.

If this has happened to you and you feel like you may never get to enjoy them (based upon the way things are going now), realize that this IS your chance…

IF you still want them.

I started with nothing and came from a working poor family living in a bad neighborhood.

In spite of my difficult beginning and lack of confidence, I’ve become an Entrepreneur, an investor, an author, and most importantly, privileged to help others enjoy wonderful success on The Golden Path.

I am FREE from lack.

I am FREE from worry.

I am FREE from stress.

I am FREE from doubt.

And I am truly LIVING my life to the fullest and enjoying myself.

NOT because I’m smart or brilliant and have all of the answers in life. But because the Universe makes my life A LOT easier by guiding me in everything I do.

If I had to call my life anything, I would say that I am living my own little Heaven on Earth… and I am VERY grateful for it!

And just like thousands of men and women around the world, you too can enjoy the wonderful happiness, financial success and time freedom you want and deserve because the primary objective of The Golden Path is to help YOU to create and live your own little Heaven on Earth.

If you don’t make enough money, you can ask the Universe to guide you to opportunities to increase your income.

If it’s hard for you to make friends or find a relationship, the Universe will bring good people into your life that will befriend you, care about you and love you.

If you haven’t been happy in a while or feel like you’re stuck, the Universe will PULL you out of your difficult situation and help you to reconnect with the happiness you crave.

Whatever it is that you want or need, the Universe will GUIDE you to it once you’re on The Golden Path.

Excited about what The Golden Path will do for your future, family, finances and pleasure in life?

Here’s how YOU can start receiving guidance from the Universe in the next few minutes.

After 17 painstaking years of testing and experimenting, I was able to perfect a fun and easy system that anyone can use to be guided by the Universe.

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  3. How to correctly ask the Universe for what you want MOST and receive it
  4. How to eliminate the 4 biggest dream killers: fear, doubt, stress and worry
  5. How to spot and take advantage of opportunities provided by the Universe
  6. How to start moving towards the pleasures you want to enjoy NOW
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